Attachment Theory

November 28, 2017 3:41 pm

Coral Counselling in Essex enables each individual an awareness of their own attachment styles and how they form and respond to others.

Our early attachment styles are influenced by the relationship of our care giver as an infant, which shape our development and behavior in later life.
Children with secure attachments do not release high levels of cortisol under stress.
There is a powerful link between emotional insecurity and cortisol dysfunction, when early experiences in lack of affection or attunement affect our ability to regulate emotions and stress.
For example, there is a sense of what we feel about ourselves and those that we perceive from others, Negative Self – I am not worthy

Positive Others – Others are trustworthy and reliable but mght abandon me because of my worthlessness.

There are many attachment styles which we develop as our core beliefs, shown below are a few:

Positive (Self) – I am worthy of love
Negative (Others) – Others are unwilling of loving me.

Negative (Self) – I am not capable of getting the love I need without being clingy.
Negative (Others) – Others are unable to meet my needs. Others are abusive and I deserve it.

Positive (Self) – I am worthy of love and capable of getting support.
Positive (Others) – Others are willing and able to love me.
Our early attachment influences are as individual as the person’s experiences and can shape the way we feel about ourselves and affect how we relate to others in adult life.
Counselling can help with your self awareness, relationships issues or shame and guilt that has been embedded for many years.

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