Counselling in Stanford- le-Hope Essex

November 28, 2017 11:01 am

Medical science has offered pills to help and cure our illnesses such as –

A pill for addictions, antidepressants for the those feeling depressed, sedatives for anxiety, without understanding the emotional effects of life.

It was in the seventeenth century that we began to understand that discomfort and hunger affected our emotions and so we started to improve our material conditions of life, but still the scientific approach ruled the cure to our feelings.

In the 1960s the psychoanalyst John Bowlby integrated psychoanalytic thinking to understanding emotional life in measuring secure and insecure attachments.

By 1970 a psychologist called Daniel Stern began to explore interactions of mothers and babies. This was around the time that we began to recognise the difference between medicine and human healing through emotions.

A baby cries for his needs and wants and when receiving the nurturing love and care, his emotions become regulated from the care giver and as he grows he develops his own way of regulating, able to deal with his own discomforts.

Sometimes for varied reasons our needs are not always met in our childhood and we find ways in order to cope, which may result in self destruction as an adult affecting our mental health.

The medical system is still very much the focus, although, counselling is now brought into the awareness of this field and integrated into our society.

By exploring and reflecting on our emotional experiences, we can become aware of our own attachments and how we try to regulate our ways of coping. Counselling can enable you to understand yourself and help you to discover options and ways of creating healthy relationships and positive coping mechanisms in you life.


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