Addiction Counselling in Essex

November 28, 2017 1:23 pm

Coral Counselling Services provide addiction counselling in Essex.

We all experience mood changes but for those who have addictions, the mood change is an illusion of control, perfection and comfort.

Addiction can grow and develop within a person long before it is recognised. Most people will continue to enter the addictive process for life or come to a point in reaching out for support to consciously choose another coping mechanism and lifestyle.

Addiction Counselling Essex

There are many forms of addictions such as drink, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping.

If someone close to you is suffering from a process or behavioural addiction, it is important to understand how the neurotransmitters within our brain effects our thinking, acting and feelings. Anxiety, Shame, guilt, anger, confusion, 

Dopamine is the natural chemical which gives us excitement, motivation, pleasure and desire.

Glutamate is the natural chemical for muscular coordination, cognitive and memory.

Serotine is the satisfaction, wellbeing, relaxation and satiety.

GABA enables calmness, reduces anxiety and enables sleep.

Endorphines are our pain relief, euphoria and high feelings.

When a person has an addiction, it is stimulated by the Dopamine ( excitement, pleasure) which acts as a reward centre and increases the glutamate ( memory bank) encouraging the addiction and embedding it deeper.

The more we do something the stronger the memory.  If our behaviour enables us to feel pleasure then the motivation to do it again becomes stronger each time. This can be due to a person wanting to relieve stress such as taking their minds off what is going on in their life.

Denial of addiction can prevent getting support and there is no magic wand to stop the behaviour without working at it.

SLAA, GA are groups which can offer peer support and may be beneficial in sharing experiences.

Counselling can help you to bring awareness to your behaviour pattern and life choices. Acknowledging your difficult feelings can be challenging but can offer a deep reward as you begin to know yourself better and start to build up your resillience to hidden stress. Exploring with your counsellor an alternative route, which provides stimulation, excitement and reinforcement for change, can enable positive behaviour and  self value.  Coral counselling Service offers proffessional counsellors to those in need of addiction counselling in Essex. We will try to respond within an hour of your call on 07961006789.


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